Taiga Flycatcher

Ficedula albicilla (Pallas, 1811)

Восточная малая мухоловка |
© Neil and Lucy Rogers

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author: Neil and Lucy Rogers
location: Chong Kemin
date: 2023-05-25
equipment: Canon SX70

2023-05-28. Neil and Lucy Rogers:

I found this one at the bridge over the Kemin River at Chong Kemin. On talking with friends who know better than me, the question is posed about whether this might be a Taiga Flycatcher.

Friends, please give your opinion.

2023-06-01. Анна Ясько:

Undoubtedly, this is Taiga Flycatcher. The male has an orange spot only on the throat and does not extend to the breast. The top of the head is brown, not grey.

2023-06-01. Анна Ясько:


2023-06-02. Анна Ясько:

New species added. I think this record should be in Rarity.

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